High Point Shoes

Adrian Wilson at High Point Shoes

High Point shoes is a very personal labor of love for me. Most people do not even know that I own the shop. I did this because I wanted the store to be successful because it was a great concept not because it was owned by an athlete. I was proving something to myself…I always had a drive to be successful in a business outside of Football. I have always had a passion for fashion and footwear. Growing up we could not afford the latest Jordans. When I reached a certain level of success and stability 4 years ago I began making my dream a reality. High Point Shoes was born and I have not looked back since. I am so proud of the shop and the wonderful team I have here off the field that have helped in making this shop one of the best street wear and sneaker spots in the Country.

We house a number of brands Nike, Jordan, Vans, Supra and Gourmet to name a few of the footwear brands and for Apparel and Accessories we have Nike Sportswear, BBC/ Ice Cream, Black Scale, Play Clothes Huf, Dearly Departed, Mosley Tribes G-Shock and Nixon.

I invite you to come explore my passion outside of the game in person at The Scottsdale Waterfront location or online at highpointshoes.blogspot.com.